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How do you Know What to Expect in the OSCE Exam?

How do you prepare for all OSCE stations in a short space of time? We have the answers and we are sharing them with you

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What if you could feel more IN CONTROL of your OSCE revision and do it in an organized, easy-to-follow way? The OSCE Test has never been so challenging and we want you to feel prepared.

Whether you're an international nurse currently overseas and want to prepare better for your UK relocation; or you're counting down the days to your OSCE Exam, OSCE Accelerator is for you!

We will share infographics, common mistakes and revision tips to ensure you can feel confident and knowledgeable about the OSCE test.

Not only will you get tuition from OSCE Educators on EVERY aspect of the OSCE test (we have a module on every single station you might get), we also have Assessments to make sure the learning is being absorbed and Full Mock OSCE tests so you can simulate the OSCE test experience for yourself.

Now before we go any further, let us tell you a little bit more about what OSCE Accelerator is and how it was created.

  • Avoid Stress

    At My Healthcare Recruit, we have been supporting international nurses relocate to the UK for over 7 years now which means we have seen first-hand a lot of the stress that the OSCE test can generate. We saw candidates failing on the same stations again and again, and their OSCE Educators getting frustrated that candidates constantly wanted more support.

  • Quality-Assured

    It has been created and quality assured with a panel of OSCE Educators who live and breathe the OSCE every day and know all the common mistakes. It is up-to-date with NMC updates and the latest marking criteria and we have OSCE Educators on hand for queries. We also have a Learning Team whose job it is to make your revision journey a success so if we can do anything to help you in your OSCE preparation journey, you can contact us at our daily helpdesk!

  • Tools To Succeed

    We created OSCE Accelerator to enable international nurses to take control of their OSCE preparation and give them the tools they need to succeed.    The full course contains over 25 hours of video based tuition and over 100 interactive assessments to help assess your knowledge at every stage of the journey.

If you're just looking for some last-minute revision, you could opt for our Mock OSCE Scenarios Only - we'll give you 10 Stations (just like in the exam) and ask you questions throughout!)  

Let's get your OSCE Confidence on track!!

OSCE Accelerator is Your Chance to Take Control of Your UK RN Journey!

Give yourself the best opportunity of OSCE success by taking advantage of the best online learning tool available.

Is this you...?

You have been out of clinical practice for a little while and need a refresh on your skills?

You are overwhelmed with the sheer volume of content you need to learn?

Your OSCE Trainer simply doesn't have enough time to spend the time with you that you really need?

 … OSCE Accelerator can change that.

You Can

  • Study for OSCE 24/7 on a mobile, tablet or laptop

  • Use a tried-and tested framework that plays to your strengths

  • Learn a range of exam techniques that you can apply to a range of different clinical scenarios

OSCE Accelerator is a Tried and Proven Way to Help You

  • Achieve a First Time Pass

  • Take Control of your Learning

  • Feel Confident and knowledgeable going into the OSCE Test

Our Ultimate OSCE Accelerator Online Programme Includes:

- Over 25 hours' worth of video tuition

- 100+ Assessments to help you test your knowledge and understanding

- Real examples from clinical scenarios to bring the OSCE theory to life

- Modules dedicated to exam technique and how to avoid common fails

- Up-to-date marking criteria

- Tuition on every single module in the Adult Nursing OSCE Test

- Tips and Tricks from OSCE Experts

- Four full Mock OSCE Scenarios that take you through Assessment, Planning, 
Implementation and Evaluation for a GCS, NEWS2 and Community Patient

- Simulated learning environment

We GUARANTEE You Will Pass The OSCE Test With The Help Of OSCE Accelerator - Or Your Money BackThe course is for anyone who wants to feel more confident about their OSCE test preparation.

Good OSCE Preparation is More Important Than Ever!

Since the new stations and scenarios were added to the Adult OSCE Test in November 2022 and the Marking Criteria was updated in Spring 2023, the OSCE Test is more challenging than ever.
With a possible 10 different APIE Scenarios, 20 different Clinical Skills, 15 Professional Values Scenarios and 13 Evidence-Based Practice Stations, there is more to remember than ever before.

Don't Just Take it From Us - Hear From our Learners...

We have trained over 1000 learners using OSCE Accelerator and they shared their learning experience with us.

“Overall, the course is simple to understand and the practical examples given in each station helped me to assimilate better.”

Oluwanifemi Francisca Ayilegan, James Paget Hospital

“This program really helped me understand what to do in OSCE and has set my expectation.”

Sophie Rose Zarraga, Hull University Teaching Hospital

“I wanna thank My Healthcare for preparing something like this. it is a big help prior our departure we already have an idea and knowledge regarding OSCE.”

Yves Laurene Delos Santos, University Hospitals Southampton

“This program really helped me understand what to do in OSCE and has set my expectation.”

Sophie Rose Zarraga, Hull University Teaching Hospital

“I really love how this system works because it usually can pick up where I left off and not having to worry of redoing my activity. Thank you so much for providing us with this amazing reviewer.”

Angeli Eman, Blackpool Teaching Hospital